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high quality marine hardware
18 years marine industry experience

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Isure Marine has been serving the marine industry since 2002. The marine industry leader for OEM Stainless Steel parts. We are developed to fill a market niche for High-Quality Marine Accessory and Parts .

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OEM Service

As OEM builders, we build literally hundreds of different parts monthly. The thought process was to begin photographing and documenting the”more standard” products as they run through production. This quickly allow us to build a large and expanding catalog of parts for boaters to choose from.


Why Choose us

  • Fast Shipping, There are hundreds of products in stock and ship your order fast.If you like,we help you source and ship goods together.
  • Affordable Price
  • We produce marine and buliding hardware by myself and offer OEM service to save your money and time
  • We have 15 year experience in building market.
  • Material from the top partner in market.
  • We have high quality labor who are trainned every year with latest technology.

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